30 Days To Happiness

30 Days, 30 Habits

People search for happiness their whole lives. Whether they find it through money, an object, food, family, relationships, exercise, holidays, friends, animals, houses, fancy cars, or simply getting your car washed. Simple things that help us get by or are a luxury can make us happy. But for how long?

The number one question is, would you be satisfied if you didn’t have any of those things?

Most people would say no. But for those people who would say yes, deep down inside of them, they genuinely believe if they didn’t have one or two specific things in their lives, one would say they would never be happy.

About The Book

30 Days To Happiness

All of us are running the marathon of success where each individual aspires to become more successful and contented than the rest around them. People locate happiness and inner gratification their whole lives – some find it in money and possessing objects, animals, houses, fancy cars, and others in things like family, relationships, exercise, holidays, friends & experiences.

Let me ask you this. What is your definition of true happiness?

Many people have a philosophy on what true happiness really is and how to reach it. Holly Smith the author of 30 days to happiness believes that internal happiness & joy comes from the habits that we build and live by on a daily basis. Habits are the foundation for any kind of change physical, mental, emotional, or behavioural.

The focal point of this book is to create & build specific habits that will not just magically help you to become happier, but to maintain and understand where your true happiness comes from.

Within this book you will find 30 chapters with 30 happiness habits which have been designed to be adapted, implemented and read on a daily basis. If you can implement one habit each day in 30 days, you will see a shift within your health, mindset, habits and overall outlook on life.

The habits in this book take work, but if implemented them and take action, you will become your most happiest content and authentic self with a clear understanding to why you are alive today.

Some habits included within this book are:

Wellness Habits


Self Belief

Letting Go

Financial Happiness

Finding Purpose

This book is for everyone and anyone. If you are at the lowest point in your life, feel like you have no purpose or you already believe you are your happiest self, I challenge you with questions, theories and action steps throughout each chapter to help you grow and of course, wake up happy every single day!

About Holly Smith

A Note From Holly…

“I’m your personal guide to living your happiest and most fulfilled life. Let me give you the tools strategies and habits to make it happen!”


Holly Smith is the Author & founder of 30 Days To Happiness. Holly’s purpose is to help people wake up happy every single day.She helps people create amazing habits and teaches them to hold themselves accountable. This is done through her course ‘The Happiness Formula” & the “Freedom & Fearless” coaching program.