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About the Book

People search for happiness their whole lives. Whether they find it through money, an object, food, family, relationships, exercise, holidays, friends, animals, houses, fancy cars, or simply getting your car washed. Simple things that help us get by or are a luxury can make us happy. But for how long? The number one question is, would you be satisfied if you didn’t have any of those things? Most people would say no. But for those people who would say yes, deep down inside of them, they genuinely believe if they didn’t have one or two specific things in their lives, one would say they would never be happy. What do you need to do to change these circumstances to find contentment? How can you be satisfied no matter the situation?

Holly Smith, the 30 Days To Happiness writer, wants her readers to allow themselves 30 days. She believes that making small yet positive changes in daily life decisions can bring a noticeable difference in the contentment level. Your happiness relies on a lot of aspects that the author touches upon. Holly aspired to push her readers to reach their maximum self-actualization level in various realms of their lives, including family, relationships, mental and physical health, love, and more. She believes a balance in all these areas would lead to long-term happiness, which indeed is her ultimate goal.

Why Read It?

30 Days To Happiness

30 Days To Happiness will help people wake up happy every day and deal with negativity, anxiety, self-hate, and confusion within their lives. It aims to give proven habits and strategies that work. This book is for people looking for help with anxiety, who need a counsellor, are part of mental health organizations, or want to know the best source for motivation, life coaching, happiness, and success habits to implement in life.

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