30 days to happiness smile @2x

Although you want to increase personal productivity, the best way to increase productivity may be happier. Happy people do more. Here are four scientifically proven, more joyful methods.

Exercise: 7 minutes is enough. 

Exercise has a significant influence on our happiness and well-being, so it is an effective strategy to overcome depression. However, you don’t have to be frustrated to benefit from exercise. Even if you are not losing weight, your brainpower can even improve your body image.

Sleep more: 

Of course, it may affect your sleep time (and sleep time) and how you feel when you wake up, which may affect the entire day.


Contact with friends and family is one of the five greatest regrets of dying. If you want more evidence that getting along with friends is good for you, research shows that you can also be happier. Multiple studies have shown that the time we spend with friends and family dramatically impacts our happiness.

Assisting Others

One of the most controversial suggestions we have encountered for helping others is that you must help others feel happier. It makes us more comfortable than buying things for ourselves, but what about spending time with others?
As a result, it is easy to think of happiness, but happiness is also a driving factor.

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