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Holly Smith

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Holly Smith’s Chapters

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Each chapter is dedicated to a new day of change, a small and sustainable change. Have a look.


Day 0-Before you start…

Before we get into our 30-day challenge of increasing your level of happiness…


Day 1-Creating Time for Yourself

Why are people so incredibly against of creating some ‘me time’? You are…


Day 2-Starting Your Day Right (The Hour of Power)

Starting your day right is one of the key elements of living a happy…


Day 3-Words of Affirmation

Human brain for the body is like a CPU to the computer.

Why Read It?

30 Days To Happiness

30 Days To Happiness will help people wake up happy every day and deal with negativity, anxiety, self-hate, and confusion within their lives. It aims to give proven habits and strategies that work. This book is for people looking for help with anxiety, who need a counsellor, are part of mental health organizations, or want to know the best source for motivation, life coaching, happiness, and success habits to implement in life.

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30 Days To Happiness

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